our christmas {photo diary + 5faves}

it's not too late to post Christmas photos, right? right.

it was a feast. Thanks mom and MIL. I made dessert. I posted it on ig, did you see it?

It felt like a toy store at home and at my PIL's house. I have tons and tons of crazy iphone photos of the children opening their presents Christmas morn at home. Imagine chaos = wrapping paper, tissue, toys and gifts everywhere. That's what our living room looked like.

Christmas would not be complete until I get my husband-photographer to go outside in the cold to take my christmas outfit (actually it was a mild day w/o any snow).

For this ensemble:
1. The hooded cape is so fun to wear! I got it from choies, an online retailer. I linked similar ones.
2. I cannot find the sweater dress anymore. I linked a similar dress above. It's from Macy's and pretty good price during Thanksgiving sale. 
3. You can find fleece lined tights everywhere! they are my new favorite.
4. The flats are from Old Navy and currently sold out. I linked a similar pair.
5. Statement necklaces are always fun. I thrifted this beauty.

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