winter five faves

who's counting down days before spring break?
{insert emoji with lady raising her hand} that's me.

the last few days have given us a reprieve of the minus-degree temps. amazing having a 50 degree difference.  when I asked hubs to take the ff pictures, it was below freezing but not the -25F windchill we had a couple of weeks ago. when it was that cold ~ i wished we were somewhere in the tropics.

here are my five faves this week:

1. oversized cardis
this one is from hautelook. I love pairing it with tights ~ you know to cover, uhm, my bottom. I am not really a fan of tights worn as pants or jeans. I concientously pair my tights or leggings with tunics, dress or very long cardis. what's your opinion of tights or leggings worn as pants?

2. plush-lined/ fleece-lined tights
these are lifesavers! i stocked up from nordstrom rack, whiteplum, walmart and zulily. the tights i wore here are from walmart. 

this is a Filipino soup dish with sour broth. The sour broth is from the tomatoes or tamarind seasoning. I love the soup in the morning. confession: I have been making this every week and more often than not, eat leftovers for breakfast. since the beginning of the year, I have made pork sinigang, beef sinigang and shrimp sinigang.

4. Castle
my recent library rental is season 6 of Castle. I remember watching the first season while I was a new mom. now with 3 kids, it's hard to watch primetime shows bec it's bathtime and bedtime. I love that I only spend 40-45 minutes watching an episode. 

5. lipgloss
I posted this as one of my faves before. this gloss keeps my lips nice and moist during the minus-degree temps. 

Stay warm, dears!
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  1. Is #3 easy to make? As in can I make it with toddlers all over my legs? It sounds wonderful!

    And thank you for linking up :)

  2. IMHO: Leggings are not pants, but are okay with tunics/dresses/long cardigans like yours... basically, my rule is to cover my bottom. :) I need to try some fleece-lined leggings, I've heard so many people love them!

  3. Love that cardi! And I'm w/ Francine- fleece-lined tights and leggings sound so comfy, I may need to invest in some this winter. :)


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