Taste-y Tuesdays {shrimp and rice casserole}

Usually I'm NOT a casserole fan.
But this one won my heart. Because
1) it has shrimp
2) it is easy
3) it is tastey and delicious

I made it about 3 weeks ago and since then been dreaming of making it again for the fam!

We got this deal from Costco. 2 lbs of raw shrimp for $12.99. Awesome!

I used the entire bag. I'm known to add ingredients in excess! Didn't want to set aside 1/2 lb for another day.

I left the tails on the raw shrimp. I just enjoy my shrimp more and "I have to work for it" (I. E. peel and eat shrimp)

I also added 2.5 cups of raw rice instead of 2. The last time I made this, the rice was gooey enough that the wet ingredients can still handle a lil bit more rice.

You may use red or green bell pepper. I have a green bell pepper in the fridge so that's what I used.

Here's the quickie version {thanks to Jenna!}

{1} melt 4 tbsp of butter in a 12 x 9 casserole dish in the oven set at 350degrees

{2} mix 1 1/2 lbs {or 2!} raw shrimp (tails on), 2.5 cups raw white rice, 1 can (10.75 oz) Cream of Celery soup,1 can (10.75 oz) Cream of Chicken soup {fat free if you like}, 1 can (10 oz) Ro-tel (diced tomatoes & green chilies), 1 tsp salt, 1 yellow onion, diced, 1 red bell pepper (diced), 1/2 tsp pepper in a big bowl.

{3} Dump everything in the casserole dish with melted butter. Mix well.

{4} Cover dish with foil and cook for 30 mins.

{5} After 30 mins,re- stir and cover again. Cook for additional 45 mins.

Here's the final product!
A regular recipe in the Delima household! And my toddler loves it. {guess who? Not the picky one of course}

For the original recipe, visit this awesome site!!!

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