2012 year-in-review


Ms. Isabel was baptized January 20th, 2012.

I was still on maternity leave --- a little too depressed that I was not back on my pre-pregnancy clothes, but also thrilled to have such a healthy 2 month old.

Indy got really luck to have such a "warm" winter. Superbowl XLVI came to Indy and best of all Giants beat the Patriots (our Manning was not able to do it -- so little brother did!)

I also stumbled upon Jen's awesome blog and joined the 7QT wave.


oh my HG movie came out!

and I was back at work.... not-so-exciting.


I must have blocked out this month.... I was at Riley hospital on an inpt rotation.

But check out my handsome boy at Easter Mass


St. Simon's Island family trip: I wanna come back
Baby girl turned 1/2 year old.
and my last adult Neurology rotation -- whoop, whoop! raise the roof (do we still say that?)

I turned 19! {believe it} come on, I was the one who got looks 'cos apparently I was 16 and pregnant.
Finally, finished 3 months of hospital work. Depression alert.....

Tried to catch up with life during these next 3 months. I was doing acupunture (jk... it's EMG) and I enjoyed reading brainwaves {EEGs}

Fam trip to Chicago for my bday

Hubs turned 30
Daniel turned 3
Detroit trip with the fam for a friend's wedding

Still contemplating fellowship year. Just because I had 10 years of grade school and high school does not mean I should add another year right? come on: 10 + 4 + 4 + 5 + ?1? That's a lot of years.....

And we also 'walked' the color run!
For Elijah Damaris

Bye-bye Alfred (my ganglion cyst)
Michigan fam trip to finish the summer

And I did decide to just finish my 5 {plus 1/2 bec of 2 maternity leaves to pay back} years. No fellowship. Who knows I might change my mind in say: 1, 3, 5 or so years?


We are Colts season ticket holders!

D-isis 6 years together
Pumpkin patch trip with the kiddos


Baby Ballerina Belle turned ONE.
Getting more active blogging...... WIWS, 7QT
I also spent my last overnight call sleeping at the hospital.


Blizzard of 2012
Nathaniel turned 3
Christmas of course!

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  1. Wow, that is a big year! Thank you so much for linking up :)

  2. Face painting pretty much is the hallmark of a good year for me.


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