7 quick takes Vol 15

1...... I depend so much on my calendar on my iPhone. When I upgraded the software all my calendar entries were erased? Why??!!
We were a week late celebrating Isabel's baptism anniversary! I thought it was the 21st of January! When in fact it's the 15th -- last Tuesday. {I should have double checked using my blog!}
Well, better late than never. Derrick got us flying cupcake treats {cos I worked today}
The red velvet cake is the family's favorite!

Isabel with the look: "Just give it to me, mummy!"

2..... check out this beautiful post by Caitlin about the beauty of NFP. Maybe someday I will also have the courage to post about NFP and my marriage. way to go Caitlin!

3....... My daily shower is a retreat. It's so relaxing and peaceful. I even make plans and such during my 15 minute alone-time. So where am i going with this? My shower head has accumulated so much calcium. Water here in Indy is 'semi - hard'. I finally gave in and bought a new shower head... And I'm in love!
It's definitely worth the $32! This has 7-settings. And my fave s the rainfall!

Picture source

4....... Workout: besides going to Zumba once a week, I play just dance on our wii. My dance partner: Lil D.

The workout is not as intense and calorie-burning as my Zumba class but its nice to spend time with the kids and exercise with them .

5...... Video I am sharing. They're celebrating! it's gonna be a Harbaugh Bowl!

YouTube Video

6...... Now on to more serious topics:
I am joining cathsorority for the #GoDark4Life campaign.
it's been 40 years since Roe vs. Wade and abortion was legalized in the US.
55 MILLION Babies and counting have died.
hence the early 7 QT edition this week.

Tomorrow, no twitter, no FB, no foursquare for me.....
Join us!

7...... One last pict to leave you:
These are the reasons why I am pro-LIFE. Why I pray everyday for the end of abortion.

Certainly sons are a gift from the LORD,
the fruit of the womb, a reward.

Psalm 127:3

Join Jen for more 7qt.

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