Tall.... And skinny....

Ms. Isabel went to her one year well child check last Friday. It was a month late -- not because I'm a slacker mom but because it got moved even farther away when we went GA for a quick weekend trip.
She is a whopping 18 lbs 6 oz! At 13 months and still under 20 lbs, she still has to ride cars rear-facing.

Stats of ms. Belle:
Weight 18 lbs 6 oz 5th %ile
Height 31 inches 50th %ile
OFC 45 cm

She's tall {- ish} and skinny....

For parent hand outs of 12 mo old babes

For list of developmental milestones of a 12 mo old [ way to go Belle! You passed this]

Milestones to look forward to these toddler years

Sample menu for a one year old. Isabel is right on target. She loves yogurt, cereal and fruit plus breast milk or whole milk for bfast. Cereal or a slice of toast or crackers for snack. Mashed cooked veges, rice for lunch. Whatever I make for dinner she eats too!

We are blessed to have such a healthy baby girl! She's growing up way too fast for me! She's a toddler now.

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  1. Looks like so much like her big brother. And I love, love this photo series. I miss her.


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