7 quick takes vol 16

Thank You Jen for hosting this week's 7qt

Can't believe it's Friday already. Usually I'm one of those looking forward to the 'end of the week' especially after 2 mos of inpatient hospital work.
Today is my first day back in the clinic {yay!}
Well. I'm so thankful I made through another work week.

Guess who's over the moon! My hubs is so thrilled that his fave team SF 49ers are playing in NOLA this weekend for the SB!

I'm looking for a dress to wear at a destination wedding.
What do you think of this?
Or this?
I just got the memo that the reception is formal. I planned on wearing a nice dress but didn't realize I need something semi-ish formal -ish.
Yup, I'm looking at prom dresses!
Maybe I'm pushing it with this one.

What morning devotion do you have with your kids? Check this one out from an awesome mom.
My own family in the morning: as I say goodbye, I kiss my babies and give them a blessing and sign of the cross.
I will try to incorporate a devotion with the kids daily. Mornings are tough here as we all struggle o leave the house on time. Maybe after dinner. Before showers. Instead of watching my DVDs or playing wii.
I like the lives of the saints book idea. Thanks Lindsay.

My own devotion includes: morning prayer as soon as I wake up (if I don't say a spontaneous prayer, I use this) listen to the daily mass readings on my drive to work; read about the saint of the day; read reflections for the readings or head to twitter and read bishop Coyne's reflections.

Switching gears: do I live in North Dakota? {I should have taken tips from Kinsi} I'm so not prepared for the <1 block walk from parking lot to the hospital entrance. I looked like Rudolph the red nose reindeer after that 5 or so minute walk! I did wear my puffy jacket and hood!

I don't have new Picts of my kids to show off this week.
So here's an oldie:

They're adorable!

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