Happy Feast of the Baptism of The Lord {wiws vol 8}

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of The Lord officially completing the Christmas season.

This feast is quite a celebration in my hometown. We have a black Nazarene in our parish. Hundreds of people come to our tiny little town for pilgrimage and devotion to our Nazarene.

But our celebration and pilgrims are 'nothing' compared to crowd in Quiapo, Manila on this feast day. Yearly, millions and millions of people join the Black Nazarene statue in its Translacion or passage to the Minor Basilica.

Picture source
I can't even see Jesus. Just his cross.... And tons of pilgrims.

I have never been to the procession. It's quite scary because of the crowd.

And to end the suspense, here's what we wore to Mass this feastday. {we didn't join any procession}

Outfit details:
Sweater Dress - VS moda international
Belt - ? Forgot where I got it years & years ago
Puffer vest - Ralph Lauren
Tights - kohls
Boots - Payless
Our lady of Miraculous Medal ring - from my mom
Gold bangle - from my grandma given to me on my wedding day
Necklace - from hubs [our first valentines day tpgether]
Crucifix - from my grandma

For this Sunday's message [fr. Guy's]

For more lovely outfits, finelinenandpurple has more.


  1. Your crucifix is gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful ring!

  3. Love your outfit today, especially that puffer vest! I hadn't heard of that procession in Manila: crazy! Thanks for educating me :-)

  4. love the puffer vest over the sweater dress - and your jewelry is lovely!

  5. Oh you look SO pretty. Love the ring too!

  6. What a pretty dress! It is very flattering on you and I"m a fan of that bright pink vest with it. And I love your Miraculous Medal ring too.

  7. Cute dress and I love your ring!

  8. Love the dress and ADORE the ring!

  9. That is really neat to learn about the procession celebration in your hometown. You look lovely as always. I love your style.


Thank you for your comments!

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