7 quick takes Vol 12

Prayer request: for Jennifer Fulwiller and her baby in utero... She was admitted for bilateral pulmonary embolism.

well, well, well. I am back at work which means I will be starving when I come home and kids are screaming for food as well! And since my hubby beats me home when I am on an inpatient rotation I have a solution:
I prepped and froze 10 slow cooker meals. They are a bit on the {not so healthy} side because of canned ingredients. Next time I do this, I will substitute fresh ingredients [which will increase prep time but at least I feel like I am feeding my family healthy nutritious meals]
Here's a pict of the first one I tried: pepper steak.
I give it a 3/5 (average). Hubs gave it a 5/5 (such a sweet man, loves my cooking). It ended up tasting like a regular stew instead of the Chinese pepper steak.
I added sriracha. Check out my kissing koala chopsticks! From Australia too..... Souvenir from an old friend.

I still like the  pepper steak recipe from my easy chinese cookbook.
Also, thanks to my lovely sissy for showing me another website for prepping and freezing meals. I use my slow cooker a lot so I definitely appreciate the link. I already found healthier meals on this website and cannot wait to try them out!

Have you seen my series "Verses"?

Next week, I am going to start a Taste-y Tuesday series. I will post my fave recipes.... and also the NOT-so-one-hit wonders that I never made again.

I chose my patron saint for 2013 using the saint generator. I asked my husband to participate. I suggested a family patron saint. He asked if we could have a saint for each month. Cooool idea!
We have St. Jane Frances de Chantal for the month of January. Hubs, kids and I will learn about this amazing pious woman all month of January.
If you don't have a saint yet for the month or year -- get one!

Look at these babies:
Scrumptious. Tastey. Yummy.

For babies #1 {ones with peaches!} click
here for recipe
For babies #2 click here for recipe {the chocolate chips are my own addition} I felt like adding some calories to such a healthy muffin. These are made with organic whole wheat and old fashioned oats. Yumm.
Shared these sweeties to a friend/co worker who just had a baby.

Besides the first Friday of the month and feast day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, it's also BLUE Friday! So excited for this weekend. the Indianapolis Colts will play against the Baltimore Ravens.
Who's gonna win? St. Sebastian, pray for the Colts to win!

And for better quality pictures {ie from an expensive camera = not an iPhone} here ya go!

My jumping skills are awesome! From Augusta to Atlanta airport. I have no shame!

Thanks Hallie for hosting.

Get better Jen! St. Luke and St. Gianna please pray for her. amen.

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