7 quick takes vol 14

1..... It's the first week, first Friday of ordinary time. Christmas hoopla is officially over. Not in the Delima household though. The nativity set is still displayed. Christmas tree still lit up.
I hope the tree won't have to see Ash Wednesday!

2..... Why is my toddler so tired after school? We are lucky that the kids only go part time to daycare now. My FIL retired and takes care of the kids twice a week. The rest of the time, they go to school.
My toddler sleeps in the car Lan the ride home.... Sometimes even napping for another half an hour or more!
Well think about it: the kids are free to play whatever toys they have in the room in school. The place is toddler-proof. Nobody to say: "don't touch that! No not that!" Kids run around, mess with whatever their little hands could tear, play with whatever book or playset they want.
No wonder at the end of the day, they're just wiped out. Their little minds (and hands... and feet) are kept busy!

3..... Here's my shameless plugfor taste-y Tuesdays. And another one here. Maybe it will be a link-up in the future?

4..... Another week has passed in the hospital world..... Prayers please that ill make it this weekend. It's another 'black weekend'
Working 12 days straight is just NO fun!
Imagine 21 consecutive days for some resident doctors. I never had to do that. 15 consecutive work days without days off already drove me crazy 'back in the days'
Even the hard-core, compassionate doctor need time away from the hospital to replenish strength, motivation and drive.

5.....my bible verse right now: 'I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength'. Philippians 4:13
Yup it's Friday
And I'm tired
And I need to keep going.

6..... Prayer request: my BIL's dad might need quadruple bypass.

7..... Picture thought I'm sharing.
Baby girl this week
She loves her Cheerios.....

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