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LipSense lipstick in Mulled wine c/o Redgatebeauty.
LipSense Matte lipgloss
top, nordstrom ~ similar
shorts, nordstrom, similar cut offs
jimmy choo flats

I am not a big make-up person. If I am pressed for time ~ which I feel like is ALL THE TIME, I put on a bright red lipstick and call it a day.  I put on powder, blush, fix my eyebrows a bit when I go to work. But when I go to Mass, for example,  you will see me with a bright lipstick and nothing else besides moisturizer on my face... What a disgrace to the beauty/fashion world!

I am not a fan of nude lipstick. If it's nude, might as well just wear lipgloss. That's my reasoning.

I apply lipstick in the morning but then forget to reapply after midmorning snack or lunch.
Thanks to Sonya, I was able to try this lipstick from LipSense. This product stayed nice and bright after eating my mid-morning snack. I wore it for dinner and it also stayed on after eating our appetizer and entree.

Few tips on how to make this lipstick work:
~ Follow the directions! Apply unidirectional and wait for few seconds before adding another stroke. I learned that lesson and had clumps of lipstick... not pretty.
~ Product may dry your lips. I give myself a break and I do not wear this everyday.
~ I placed the matte lipgloss on my lips before the lipstick -- it worked!
~ I also used the lipstick first then the matte lipgloss -- also worked!
~ Do not use regular gloss before lipstick. The liquid won't adhere well to your lips, so again, you will get clumps of lipstick.
~ Might feel  a little "tingly" when placing this on. It's the liquid "sticking" to your lips.

There are forty shades to choose from. I like LexieBerry and Fire-N-Ice from the Cool colors.   From the warm colors, I like Fly Girl.  If you need help finding your shade, head on over here.

Overall, I like the product. I like the color I chose. I just cannot wear it everyday. I wish I can.
So if you have any ideas on how to keep lips healthy while wearing this, please leave comments below. I am all ears!

Thank you Sonya for the products.

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  1. how classy you look in that outfit also share from where have you bought this outfit? plus the lipstick you have put on is cool too


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