silk + bright yellow + my love for period drama

For my swatch-lover friends out there ~ what's your fondest memory of your swatch growing up?
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Top, Banana Republic, here in black
Skirt, nordstrom rack
Ninewest pumps
Louis Vuitton Empreinte leather, Montaigne MM
earrings from my cousin
Watch, exact one

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I am still trying to squeeze some bright colors before I dive into my fall and winter clothing. Co-workers remarked on this bright yellow scuba skirt with a full back zip. I paired it with a gray silky top (clearance from Banana Republic a couple of months ago) and my old, trusted low heeled Nine west pumps.

It's also getting harder and harder to take photos because the sun sets earlier and earlier. Quite a bummer. I love using my big camera. I am also behind on posting Lucas' 5 month old pictures because, again, hard to take photos when it's bleak and dark outside. Natural light helps amateur photographers like me.

Switching gears~
I watched the PBS masterpiece classic Victoria! wow! I love the British monarchy ~ they are so intriguing. A soap-opera that I follow diligently.  It's something I got from my mother. She had the Princess Di haircut  and named my younger sister after the late Princess.

I had a crush on the young Prince Wills' and wanted to be queen of England. oh my teenager self... But that was short-lived. Since he's Anglican and I am not... and he's lost quite a bit of hair.

Mostly now, I love following the fashion of the modern royals and watching documentaries and period drama. I like reading about their medical issues (hello consanguinity!)

I am also fascinated when arranged marriages actually work.   V&A's love story makes me forget that they are first cousins (!!!) They were truly in love  producing 9 children in their 20-some years together. It saddens me that Albert died so young and left the queen alone for 40 more years.  Speculations of his cause of death due to Crohn's disease vs stomach cancer... again, as a physician, I am fascinated by all the medical side of the monarchy.

I have received recommendations to watch The Crown and also the new movie, Victoria and Abdul.

Do you have any other recommendations?
For fellow British monarchy followers ~ any documentaries you suggest?  I will check my local library for your recommendations, so please leave comments below.

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