Lucas @ 4 months {sqt}

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1. stats:
weight at 4 mos WCC 15 lbs and 5 oz ~ just above the 50th percentile
length 25.5 inches ~ 50-75th percentile

2. milestone ~ Lucas is rolling over from back to belly!

3. Lucas is ready to wear size 2 diapers! We have quite a bit of size 1's left (thanks Auntie Feli) but he had two blow outs already, just this week. The size 1 diapers only accommodate chubbiness up to 14 lbs.

4. He loves to blow raspberries.

5.  We got him bandanna bibs.
I might get him these -- I had a patient in clinic wearing a bib with teether.  I am amazed of all the baby things they just come up with and make!

6. Lucas loves being held in the sling.   He loves watching his sibs play. He is content as long as he is being held by his mama.

7. He Still a very easy baby. He is so laid back.
But his nap schedule is off when I am home. I am not able to put him on his co-sleeper!  If I am not home and it's just hubs or he's at grandpa's, he can self soothe and sleep.

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