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Saltwater sandals
LV, preloved

1. Since I have lost lots of hair ~ my highlights are more visible.
I have never dyed my hair. These highlights are natural.

2. A ton of exciting things happening at work. I had training over the weekend for a new opportunity in my specialty. I was in class all morning up to 2:30p. Hubs let me and the baby nap. It was a late dinner. We were those parents trying to be cool and hip, in downtown Louisville, walking next to bars with a baby carrier. I was ready to put Lucas on his sling but he fell asleep. He let me and D enjoy our Persian meal. He woke up right before our check came. What a sweet boy, right?

3. Why is change so hard?
Just is, right?
Praying that my heart stays content and grateful.
These words come to mind whenever I  worry about something that *may not even happen...  Get behind me, Satan!

4. My eldest is back to photography duty. My new camera is heavier than my old hand-me-down rebel. Isabel wants to help take my photos. But her tiny hands still have difficulty stabilizing the camera body.
These pictures are blurry. My eldest may roll his eyes and ask several times why I want my photos taken, but he still does it. He's also a sweet boy!

5. School's First quarter is winding down. We are slowly getting into a rhythm. Sebastian is still our early riser.  Lucy still goes to bed at 11pm.   My night-owl Daniel wants to stay up. But we don't let him because of school.

Isabel loves kindergarten. Isabel still naps when she can. Boys are playing another month of soccer. There's Boy scouts. There's ballet. Where can I put music lessons?

6. Children know to do homework then chores, then they get to play outside. Since I started implementing chores, they reward themselves by playing outside rather than watch YouTube. Thankfully!
I am in the lookout for a broom that is "kid size." we have one that is "standard size" but even for me (since I am only 5'2"), I need a shorter handle. Isabel has been asking for something that's easier to maneuver. Any recommendations? I miss the brooms that we used in the Philippines.

When I see the old man selling these brooms at the local gas station, I am finally going to stop and buy a broom from him.

I gave up Hubs' dust pan to this.  It is still not as good as the ones from the Philippines but does the job.

7. Happy nameday to my Isabel who is named after Lolo Frank and her great great grandma Francisca; and to my nephew W. Francis, also named after his Lolo. We celebrate their patron saint St. Francis of Assisi today.

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  1. I feel for you about the hair loss (although I think yours looks great!).😩 Mine has started falling out again- it seriously looks like I'm wearing a wig underneath the long hair because you can see all these short hairs growing out!


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