eleven years

^Love the way he looks at me here

I used to be so sad when autumn starts. That meant summer is over and that winter is coming soon.

Being with hubs changed my attitude towards autumn. It is now a favorite season of mine. I got engaged in October. Then got married a year later, also in October. Autumn is also football season. I am already a Colts fan before we started dating. But the fandom grew since  I married him. One cannot not enjoy football when married to Derrick. He is a numbers guy and knows stats for football (college or pro.. or even highschool).

Our wedding day is the Feast of the Our Lady of the Rosary. We could not have picked an even better day for our wedding (besides Christmas or Easter!)

I am not sad when autumn comes anymore. I enjoy the changing colors of the leaves and trees.  I embrace the layering and chilly mornings. I welcome it with a big smile... on my face and in my heart.

We change because of the people we love. We learn to like what they like, until we end up loving what they enjoy.

Happy Anniversary, love!

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