Lucas @ 5 mos

1. stats ~
I am not sure of this chunky baby's weight. We go to his wellchild check in 2 weeks. What I do know, I need a sling to carry him for long periods of time.  We went up one size on his diapers. He wears size 3 like ate Lucy. Lucy is 22 lbs.

2. milestones ~
rolling over, pivoting on his back or belly, giggles
bats at toys, reaching for toys and transferring toys

3. meals ~
He loves solids. He is up for trying what's on our plate. He has tried sweet potatoes, refried beans, licks of grapes and honeydew. Lola gave him smashed bananas.
He is a good nurser. I have pumped the most volume with him. But bottlefeeding is so-so. He drinks his first bottle well but then does not finish his second. He has been skipping his third bottle.  He makes up for it on my days off and nights. He does not leave me.

4. my faves ~
When he reaches for my face as if cusping it with a loving hand and telling me "I love you, mama."
Seeing those cute dimples on the back of his tiny hands
His thunder thighs
His smile
His tuft of hair
The bald spot on the back of his head
When older sibs make him giggle

5. my not-so fave things ~
the blowouts!
He has at the most 3 in a day. We try to salvage his onesies by washing them right away, putting detergent on the stain and  let the sun work its magic. Some we just throw away.
While we were in TC last weekend, he had a blowout that trickled down his leg all the way to his new mocassins. Derrick said he cleaned the mocs but I am not sure I want to touch them. Any recommendations on how to clear leather?

6. clothes and such ~
He wears 6 month clothes, some 9 month clothes.
I am sad about the leather mocs. I don't see any stains but I want to make sure they are clean before he wears them again.
Bye-bye 75 degree weather. Lucas is wearing this at night. When out and about - this fleece hooded jumpsuit keeps him warm.

7. other firsts ~
His first Halloween is coming up. He tried his costume last night and he looked really, really cute! Be sure to follow us on instagram for "instant" pictures on Tuesday.

happy weekend, friends!

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