la basilique du sacre coeur ~ a place to remember

Eleven years ago, my sweetheart took me to Paris. It was my first time in France. We both fell in love with the city and food and all the marvelous architecture. We headed to Montmarte and climbed the steps to the Basilique du Sacre Coeur. We heard Mass in French. We had no clue what the homily was about. However, the beauty of the Mass is that no matter what language, we can follow and respond, even though our responses were in English.

The basilica is so beautiful. It would forever hold a special place in my heart. We had Notre Dame in our honeymoon bucket list ~ but Sacre Coeur exceeded our expectations. We timed it very well that we were able to attend Mass there.

The empty walls in our dining room need something special. It was an easy choice when I was searching for a canvas print to display. I typed Paris in the search box of Photowall and found lots and lots of beautiful choices. I wanted something modern and neutral. I knew I did not want to settle with the Eiffel Tower ~ no offense Monsieur Stephen Sauvestre. I already have a photo of the Eiffel Tower from our honeymoon printed and displayed in our house.

I chose this beautiful photo of the basilica and ordered it in a large canvas print. The canvas cloth is good quality and made of pure cotton canvas. Shipping is fast. The box it came in was very sturdy and kept the contents inside safe and protected. The assembly instructions are easy to follow and found inside the package. They are  also available on Photowall's website both in pdf form and video.

During meals, I look up at this canvas and remember that my sweetheart brought me to the city of love eleven years ago. We were so in love but never did we imagine eleven years later that we will have five children sharing a meal with us and hearing all about La Basilique du Sacre Coeur.

I love a good story.  This basilica has a good story to tell.

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