his resume keeps getting longer and longer

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Flute sleeve, ASOS, sold out but other options here {knit option} and here {thicker material}
Steve Madden booties, nordstram rack, exact one
Chanel flap bag, jumbo size, caviar leather
capri leggings, nordstrom rack

my most fave buy of this season ~ these velvet booties.

When primary caregivers are out of town, hubs become the daycare provider when I go to work. It's a treat for the children and it's a treat for me. I get my photos taken before I go to work. {no judging... weird priorities here}.

These photos are taken with the early sun peeking through the trees. I am not tired or haggard looking... as I can be at the end of a full day.

I told him after this shoot, that I want him to stay at home because I can have my pictures taken by him. Poor husband. His curriculum vitae just keeps getting longer and longer with random stuff. All things asked by his wife.

He is a photographer and has to learn more than the point and shoot steps. I love playing with my new camera. I take my children's pictures but who will take mine???

Hubs is not just a "blogger's husband." He is a breakfast chef who makes me my fave scrambled eggs and veggies. He makes my favorite green smoothie. He helps me curl my hair -- remember those sock curls? we are back at it again. He is an awesome father. The list goes on and on.

Hubs, are you reading this? Thanks for putting up with my requests. Photographing your wife for her blog is not as enjoyable as  watching the world series but you do it anyway.  xoxo.

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