entering holy week {wiws}

My dress, RP collection
my first pair of Christian Louboutin 4 years old now
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Children dressed by my husband/stylist
Daniele~ Old Navy polo and khakis.  Adidas sneakers
Luca~ Polo Ralph Lauren hand me down, Old Navy pants
Elisabetta~ J&J blouse, ON jeggings, sandals c/o FP
Nash~ baby Gap polo shirt hand me down

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Third Sunday in a row at home, without the Real Presence of JC. The last time I went to Mass I knew deep within that it was my last time receiving His Body and Blood for awhile. Virtual Mass is not the same. You can call it worship. You can call it Church. But the bridegroom is missing. He is with us through the Holy Spirit but his body, blood, soul and divinity is present in the Holy Eucharist and I miss Him. 

I curled my hair this morning. I have been curling my hair for years. I never learn that the time I allow myself to do it is less than the ACTUAL time of doing it. 1030a Mass is a little crazy for us. We allow ourselves to slow down on Sundays. Quarantine life is not different. I curled my hair. It took 28 minutes when I only planned for 10 minutes. Therefore,  I was finishing my makeup during the opening hymn.

Palm Sunday Gospel is also the longest Gospel because we read the entire Passion. The older children sat because they thought it was already the homily.

Mass grades
D: B
I: B
S: C
L: C
L: D
N: B
Mummy: C
Dada: A

This Holy Week is none other. This Lent has been a true Lent of sacrifice, fasting, tears and drought. But we are Easter people right? Life does not end on Good Friday. There is hope. There is the Third Day.

I pray for all the states who are projected to have their surge this week, anticipating ~1000 deaths per day. Indiana is projected to have its peak next week, during Easter week.

I plead that you all stay home for the next couple of weeks. 1000 deaths per day could be your loved one, friend, coworker, grocery store clerk, doctor, the person you see everyday at the bus stop, the truck driver, the server at your favorite brunch place, the bartender downtown, the barista at your favorite coffeehouse. We are all in this together. We are all connected.

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