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1. Divine Mercy Chaplet
I was invited by  @mikesibal to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3p PST/6pEST. What a powerful prayer specially today. Mike messaged me last minute and I felt it was the prompting of the Holy Spirit. This week has been out of sorts and prayer is much needed!
You can check out the live here. Just ignore that you can only see half my face and that I was super magnified when I came into view. There was a glitch and I was zoomed in on the live but it looked fine on my end. (apparently not). 
Make sure you get to the end because there's a treat. Nash made a cameo. 

2. Geriatic pregnancy
My age is catching up on me. I have high BPs on and off since 20 weeks but because of stress and yes third trimester, they are persistently high. Thankfully, my labs are fine. I have no swelling, cramping, contractions, abdominal pain, headaches or vision changes. Those are all signs of pre-eclampsia - a life threatening pregnancy complication for both mother and baby. Praise God I don't have those symptoms. Now if you could  please join me in praying that I keep the baby cooking for at least 4 more weeks to make it to full term. 

3. More prayer request
Please pray for my aunt who suffered a brainstem stroke. Please pray for my grandma and my cousin who are taking care of her. My grandma is not allowed in the hospital because of strict covid rules. She  is worrying at home, thinking of her child. :( If I am in distress thinking and praying for my aunt, I cannot imagine being a mom feeling so helpless and cannot do anything for her child. 

Be A Heart Christmas PJs are here! If you do priority shipping, they will arrive Christmas Eve (if USPS cooperates).  Use disisd10 for 10% off new customers. 

5. Private group about beauty and skincare
So as not to overwhelm instagram (which I still do anyway) with all things clean beauty and skincare, I made a private FB group. If you'd like to join, please send a request here.

One of the great partnerships I am proud to share this year is spreading the word about OSV kids magazine. OSV sent us a goodie bag and I made an "unboxing" video to share the books and items we received.  You can watch it here. 

7. Christmas Octave
For the Christmas Octave, I have planned  an Oprah-like "my favorites" giveaway. Dates are 12/27 - in honor of the Holy Family until 1/1/2021 the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. That's 6 days of gift-giving so be sure to check out instagram for items that may interest you.  I hope to get everything mailed so that winners can receive their winnings by Jan 6th, Epiphany. 
Think makeup
Something for the family
Something useful
Something sparkly
Something Marian

Happy start of the weekend, friends. May you find peace and rest this weekend. Please pray for me! I am praying for you. 

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