my top 3 picks for last minute gifts for YOU

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Here are my TOP THREE last minute gifts for yourself for that under the tree self-care treat. 

For someone who is either pregnant or breastfeeding for the past decade (!) I am not able to use retinol which is bad for the baby. I am glad I found this non-toxic clean set. The products smell great  and "I feel good" knowing that they are great for my skin and for the baby. 

2.  I am a lipstick gal. Wearing lipstick is how I started with makeup. It's not the mascara or blush or eye shadow. It's the lipglosses and lipstick. I may be pressed for time and don't have the entire face done, just add that bright red lipstick and I feel made-up for the day. 

3.  Another favorite of mine: the dew skin tinted moisturizer. Moisturizer + SPF = WINNER. 

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