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1. I blogged! I blogged!
When was the last time I wrote a 7 quick takes post? I do not even remember. 
For my first take ~ a pregnancy update.

I am now 31 weeks + 2 days. My prediction is that I won't make it to my due date. 
-- first because this is my 7th. 
-- second because I have gestational diabetes and  Rose will probably be a big baby. 

My sugars are not super out of control. My fasting BG are between 95-101. My postprandial BG 1 hour are all below 125. I am actually losing weight (per my home scale). I am curious what my weight will be next week when I go to the office. I will be 32 weeks then and will start my weekly NSTs. 

The fatigue is crazy for this pregnancy. I long to sit or put my feet up. I cannot stand for long periods of time. I don't even carry Nash for a long time either. He sits on my lap and cuddles with me on the couch. He loves to bounce off of my belly. It is not a comfortable game. 

2. Are you done with your Christmas shopping?
I am actually >50% done. Because of the pandemic and lack of traveling and extra curricular activities with the children, I prepped their list waaaaay before Thanksgiving. I shopped quite a bit during  Thanksgiving week. It was insane seeing Black Friday deals the day before Thanksgiving. I did most of the shopping last week than what I did on Cyber Monday. 

Some notable sales ~ Old Navy currently has 25% off sale. (It was 50% off last week!)
Target ~ where I bought of the children's toys ~ if you're part of the Target circle, there's 10% off on your online order. I got toys that were still full priced. I have been stalking them since Thanksgiving week and they did not put them on sale. Not even during Cyber Monday. When I saw the extra 10% off, I used it right away!

I am sponsoring a book for the twelve days of Christmas Book giveaway that's running live right now on Instagram. Be sure to enter and win all those great books. 

4. We survived the first week of e-Learning. 
I say WE, but truly, it's Derrick and the children survived it! Props for my husband who is now sharing the library (his work area) with our first grader. I give props to the teachers as well for adjusting to this new way of teaching. My third grader thrives with the schedule. She said it is less stressful this second go-round compared to the quarantine months when I was their teacher. 

5. Prayer request
-- Baby Agnes as she recovers from spinal surgery
-- Beckett and his family
-- Britt (Agnes' mom) who will start chemo soon
-- Safety and protection against covid. 
-- Frontline workers, those in the ICUs, ERs, urgent cares. 

6. Work
We are transitioning to more virtual visits again. It is not quite the same as the shutdown of clinics back in April and May. But most of my returns will be virtual appts to decrease foot traffic in clinic. 

I am trying my best to be as careful as I can be at work. 
I go back to my office where I am alone to eat my lunch. 
I don't drink my water in the work area where other docs and learners are present. 
I wear eye protection which is recommended but not mandatory in our health system (unless treating covid pts of course).
I was advised by my OB to exclude myself from direct patient care with someone with covid. But if I have to, she said I should  do the full she-bang and garb up, suit up, N95 masks, face shield and all. 

Being a neurologist and a consultant, I am not really at the front lines.  Our team does not have a primary service at the hospital either. So when I cover a weekend at 34 weeks, if there's a covid pending or covid positive patient, I can do a provider-to-provider consult. 

7. Never in a million years would I see myself selling makeup. But here I am!
I became a BC consultant this week. I was introduced to Beautycounter by my friend, Stephanie. She sent me an eye shadow palette that I fell in love with. The quality of the pigments is amazing! Every time  there's a sale, I grab a few more items. 

Why did I do it?
First the discount! I won't lie. I love a good discount as a consultant. I already like the brand and its mission. The products are of good quality (and clean!)
Second Stephanie. She's a great mentor. 
Third I am already sharing BC on my ig account. Stephanie was right.  I might as well share my OWN link. 

From the November sale, I got the following items (and I cannot wait to share them with y'all):
-skin twin concealer
-conditioning lipstick
-luminous lids cream

I have already shared:
Golden hour all-in-one palette - here's the IG Reels
Eye shadow palette STATEMENT - another IG reel
Eye shadow palette CLASSIC - IGTV

Happy Friday, friends! Thanks for reading.

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  1. I was wondering if you would become a BC consultant! I do love their stuff but so rarely buy makeup 😂 Can't believe baby time is getting near!!


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