happy third birthday, Lucy!

Dear Lucy,
I love taking your pictures. You are like wonderman. Hands-on-the-hips pose is a must for you! You are also the master of looking away from the camera. Could you please teach me how to do it naturally?

Funny how these pictures here have your hair up. Because 97.23489345% of the time you have your hair down and in front of your face. Not that your dada and I are not fixing your hair. But because you like taking off the hair ties. We lose a hair tie a day. Where do you put them? In the trash can? Underneath couch cushions? Those things are not free, sweetheart.

You still love carrying your pillow for comfort. It all started back in the Philippines last year. It has to be that Hello Kitty pillow as well!  This letter reminds me to throw it in the wash asap. It is quite... filthy and stinky.

The things I love about you~
You are so spunky! You make sure you are heard.
The way you call  me "mom". It gives me chills because it's like a teen-you is calling me.
You wait until everybody is asleep and then you hang out with me late in the night. It's just you and me in a quiet house.

Here are my requests this year:
Let's be a team and work on this potty-training thing. Are you on-board?
If you do shift your sleeping times and not wake up at 9a, then I will be able to sign you up for preschool. Won't that be fun? I see you playing with other children your age at church gatherings. You enjoy it. I am not rushing you at all though. You will be in school soon enough. I am just enjoying slow mornings with you when your older sibs are in school.
Just keep being you! I love your hugs, kisses and giggles!

Praying for a wonderful year for you. Happy third birthday!


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