im still a baby

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outfit details~
striped pink top exact one
TopShop Moto ripped skinnies, my all-time fave
red flipflops, scored during the designer sale
red earrings, from the Philippines, similar

// BP tops here //

I am on my mid30s y'all. When I tell folks my age, they just laugh and say, I am still a baby.
When I don't have a baby on my hip or I don't have my fourth grader with me, it is hard for people to imagine that I do have 5 kids... I was not 16 and pregnant with my first one! (face palm) If I was, then that would make me 25 today! woohoo!

Truly though, I feel good with this 3-5 number. With age comes grey hairs, wisdom (I hope) and more babies on my hip.

We already started celebrating. At least I am celebrating already.

I only had three kids during my day off (older boys wanted to swim). So I braved the doctor's office with three. The girls were so helpful. Nobody threw a major tantrum. We went to Target for a birthday gift for Isabel's friend and I purchased several items *not on our grocery list ~  shirt for me (it was so soft and only $8); two bottles of white sangria; ice cream (caramel moosetracks for the parents, birthday cake for the children); Lucy wanted the same shirt we got Isabel's friend; Isabel wanted a shirt for the party; 2 bars of dark chocolate for my work stash.

I hopped in the shower and even did my make-up for sushi dinner and the shopping and blogger meet-up at the Fashion Mall. Karina is the sweetest and as nice as she is on her instagram stories. Kathleen looks like a celebrity!  It was great meeting other bloggers there.

It was a treat to try things on at the physical store (rather than buying online and trying at home and then returning things that don't work out). I scored some amazing finds. This caught my eye as soon as I entered the store and I am glad it fit perfectly. I did not part with it and I bought it! Cannot wait to share the outfit with you all. This item runs big. I could have purchased an XS but I love how the S fit on me. The pleats were more visible on the S so I went with that size.

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