parroquia virgen de milagrosa y parque de kennedy

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On our last day in Lima, we took a stroll 1/2 mile away from our hotel in Miraflores to the famous  John F. Kennedy Park. Derrick dubbed the JFK park "the park of cats." We saw  a few stray cats there a couple of times we went to the park.  Actually, if you search the web for JFK Park, Lima - Google acknowledges the park as a "busy city square with vendors and cat." Google maps has this description: City park honoring President John F. Kennedy, with street vendors, artists & many resident cats. Derrick, you are actually right! 

Next to the park is the beautiful church of Virgen Milagrosa Parish. It was closed to the public when Masses are not being held so we did not see the inside. But look at all the beautiful architecture. When I saw that door, I just had to have a photo of if as my background.  The holy water font was empty. Must be difficult to keep it clean since it's on the outside.  I bet it was a bird bath in the past.

I spy St. Martin de Porres and St. Rose of Lima outside, on the right and left  of Our Virgin Mother. There are angels with their trumpets and lots of ornate design.

Next to the church is the city hall and another park called Parque Central de Miraflores (Central Park of Miraflores). We passed by that park when we went souvenir shopping just a couple of blocks north.

There are lots of benches  in both parks. But some people do not even need a bench. Some just sit under the shade of trees and rest or hang out with friends before going home.

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