first day of summer

// sandals for less than $15 //

chambray madewell top, supposed to fit oversized. I love the pleating in front. Since my shorts are high-waisted, I tied a knot in front of the top.
shorts, nordstrom rack, exact ones
sandals, fave this summer. I have been wearing them more than my saltwaters
Jcrew factory bangle

// pink shorts! //

The midwest is totally confused. We skipped spring temps and went from winter to summer back in May. We had record breaking highs to the mid to high 90s earlier this week. Real feel was 103 or higher. I am trying not to complain about the heat because I do love summertime. The days are long. The sun is shining so brightly. Trees have leaves. I just love summer.

Today is first day of summer and it's raining. Again, no complaints because my hydrangeas and lilies need rain.

In other topics, I am seeing more and more talk about "ethical fashion" and shopping mindfully.   I am all for giving fair wage and habitable and safe working conditions but when I click on a few items of those sites with "ethically made clothing" I am overwhelmed by the price. $250 for a pretty cotton dress is a high mark.

Thrifting is the next best thing. I miss thrifting. I wish I can scour  Goodwill and thriftstores for the gems. But with the current season I am in my life, online shopping is more convenient. It is stressful taking 3 young children while going through every single item on the rack. I did it before and it was an anxiety-ridden trip.  I used to shop on instagram shops but even those have increased their prices to the point that why buy a preloved $35 item when a new one can be bought online for the same price?

 We have lots planned for the rest of the week since my nieces and nephew and sister are here.
Happy Thursday and first day of summer, friends!
Happy birthday, Prince William!

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