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work outfit details ~
RP smocked top, sold out, similar
skirt, macy's
Prada pumps, similar
Chanel mini flap bag
earrings from @thefoodpassionista

The last time I dedicated a post about depression was in 2016.  A physician from my residency program who committed suicide prompted that post.

This post was prompted by the passing of Kate Spade.  Below was published on my instagram.

#Today’s #outfit in memoriam of #KSNY. I started my transition from Hello Kitty purses to more #grownupbags with #kateSpade.  I fell in love with the #lovelyhues #pastels #simpleandclassic look of her bags. I am wearing a #katespadebangle and #katespadenecklace today. Another life claimed by #Mentalillness.   #itsgenetic #itshormonal (postpartum) and lots more causes and/or triggers.   Having had #postpartumdepression and also #anxiety in medical school, I know all too well what #mentalillness does to cloud my thinking. I am before my #PPD, an #optimistic and #happyperson. However, with #PPD, I had thoughts of #guilt and thoughts like "my family is better off without me.". #theseareallLies #ofcourse! I am created in the #imageandlikeness of God. #iamloved #iamenough. All because Jesus chose me.  what got me through, #myfaith and #myfamily, most specifically my #husband and of course, #askingforhelp. I am still navigating this #disease. Our world expects so much from us and we let our world dictate #ourhappiness. I remind myself my worth is not of this world.

 I am doing well and back to myself. I am back to being #optimistic, cheerful at home  and not just when out and about. The worst was in 2012. I have had some episodes but not as long or as bad as the one from 2012. I am grateful for my loving support at home and at work and my church. I am thankful for the sun and Vitamin D. I am thankful for ice cream and bubble tea. I am grateful for baby kisses and my children’s hugs. Winter gets me every single time. So after my anniversary ~ right before Halloween, before it starts getting cold here in Indy, I am going to buy myself those #lamps to help with the #gloomythoughts. Would they help? I will let you know.

If you or somebody you know is thinking of suicide, please seek help. You are not alone.  Call 1-800-273-8255.

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