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Being a mom of 5, working out gets put to the side if I don't make it a priority. We moms have to take care of ourselves so we can better serve and love on those babies! 

I'm more successful working out when I include the kids! Every now and then I have "me time" and I can workout by myself. But it's fun when fitness time is  family time too. 

I enjoyed these stroller workouts because I get to have fresh air and let Lucas have vitamin D. I let the other kids tag along too. This time it was only with Lucy. 

With aaptiv classes, it's like having an instructor right there with you. The instructions are very  clear and easy to follow. The background music is well selected from top hits! No need to add your own music. I was able to play/stream the classes during my stroll around the block. 

There's no playback like in a DVD workout so I recommend just pausing the class if you have to tend to the baby (or chase a toddler).

The stroller workouts use  the big muscle groups (hi postpartum thighs) to torch as many calories in a short amount of time. If you don't have the baby that day, there are classes for running outside and the treadmill (these I haven't tried). 

Something to watch out for: some stroller workouts require burpees. If you don't mind doing those in the sidewalk, then go for it. I unfortunately don't do those when I'm out and about, because I'm "high maintenance" and I like a mat to protect my hands ;)

Besides the stroller workouts, I like the 7-minute quickies. It's "no excuse" 7-minute quickies. Be prepared to sweat and catch your breath and get that heart rate up when doing those classes! 

For my expectant mom readers out there, aaptiv has classes for each trimester. I have done a couple even though I am already postpartum. Try it out using their 1-week free trial option.  Let me know if you like them. 

Thank you #TeamAaptiv for inspiring this post. If you're in need of a motivational cardio app, you can sign up here! 

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  1. I am amazed that you are able to make time to work out with 5 kids! Wow, you're a rock star!


    I hope you are having a great week so far!


    1. Thanks. I learned to include them and it's more fun. But don't be fooled -- i still have lots of days that I would rather sleep instead of doing lunges. :)


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