black romper

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Black romper, old, similar here
earrings, from my grandma!
bathing suit (underneath)
hat, love this... from 2-3 seasons ago, hautelook

I blogged, I blogged, I blogged!
We have been trying to find our routine here. There's always something new in the house. Most evenings, after getting the children to bed, I just go under the covers and retire. In the past, I may have the extra-oomph to turn on laptop and blog a little bit... but not in the past few days.

I miss writing on this space. It is truly therapy. Therapy and lots of outfit photos and baby photos. 

Above photos were from July! yep -- almost 2 months ago. These photos have been resized for weeks. I just haven't had the time to add a post. Please ignore the chubby postpartum thighs ~ which I was reminded today that I haven't lost the baby weight... sadly, that was a true observation.

My sweet tooth became a coping mechanism. It's a bad coping mechanism with shakes and chocolate and icecream all the time.  I may not be gaining weight (thank you breastfeeding) but I am NOT losing weight either. Some clothes fit weird. Some clothes don't fit at all. I want to be kind to myself and remember that it will take time. however, I am not being kind to my body either when I treat myself with food and sweets. There has to be a balance.

So here's to resetting and finding a routine!

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