Lucas @ three months

1.  STATS: He is a chunker! Look at his cheeks. I don't know his weight but he is easily 13 lbs!
He is wearing 6 month size onesies. Still trying to squeeze into the 3 mo shorts as long as they are low-rise :) We don't want to squeeze the gut too much!

onesie - I don't remember who gave this to him but it was a gift.. my in-laws, maybe
pants - thanks to one of my sweet Neuro nurses who showered him with the cutest outfits! Thanks, K!

3. SLEEP: He is a bigger baby than my older 4 so he has been sleeping through the night for weeks. I have to feed him around 6a before getting up and he's fine waking up around that time. He goes back to sleep anyway after that feeding.

4.  FEEDING:  He does not have any problems taking the bottle. That's a relief! This boy did not have a choice because on my third week back at work, I was scheduled to work 7 days straight. All I could remember was pumping, pumping, pumping. It brought back memories of residency when I spent more time with the pump than breastfeeding my baby... I am so thankful that was not my usual work routine. I missed him so much that week.

5. MILESTONES and OTHER QUIRKS: He smiles and giggles. I love how he looks at me with those big eyes.

He is a drooler. The front of his onesie is soaking wet all the time. We never placed bibs on our older 4 unless they were being fed with the bottle.  We might need these for Lucas.

We don't have carpet in our new house. I don't place him on the floor as much as his older sibs. That means not a lot of tummy time (oops, bad mom!) I better do it because it's important for learning how to roll over.

6. MUMMY-TIME: We finally used the ring sling outside!  I carried him all day at the State Fair. The ring sling is a perfect nursing cover too.
My nursing covers went into retirement already. I sometimes use a burp cloth but I have been pretty brave with my fifth kid, not to draw much attention and nurse discreetly. If he is fussy than usual and he just wants to hide, it helps to have the sling and cover up.

these mocs
sound machine
bottles and liners
jogger pants 

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