summer where did you go?

girls' outfits
Lucy's striped polo dress from my auntie MaryAnn
saltwaters via eBay
Isabel's dress, also a gift, similar
sandals c/o Freshly Picked

my outfit
top, hautelook, old
jcrew skirt, old
saltwater sandals
bangles from India, from my great aunt, similar
sunglasses, similar

pink frames!

Today is the first day of school. I cannot believe it!
I have a third grader, Kindergartner and a preschooler. It will take awhile before we get into the swing of things... but I seriously hope I will get there SOON! Working 7 days straight with 5 kids threw me off. We were just in survival mode last week. I thank my husband and grandparents for being there when I was gone. They kept the house running. My husband even took care of 7 children (our own five + my niece and nephew) Friday night knowing I was still on call and had to leave early Saturday morning.

The older three are pretty excited for school! I hope that excitement continues -- since we all know how chaotic morning routines are, just to get everybody out of the house.

I have so many photos in my big camera that I just downloaded last night. i want to post them but not sure when that will be....The computer will have to be put away when children are awake.  They saw me last week in front of a computer catching up on work every single night.

Have a good back-to-school week!

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