what a week {seven quick takes}

Did I just have a post everyday this week?
oh yes, I did!

1. Been lucky to have some time last week  that I was able to schedule blog posts. One was easy – photos of my hubs and his twin. I enjoyed going through his scanned photos just to find the right ones! And then another reason to look at our wedding photos again. I told my children – do you guys want to see a princess? …. I am talking about me!

2. It’s NFP awareness week. {and just to clear things up now: NFP is not the rhythm method... not all women ovulate on day 14}...    I attempted to write a post, but decided to share posts and articles I have read instead.  I think it's so cool that hubs' birthday is during NFP awareness week (sign? yeah? yeah?) as usual I try to connect the dots when there are no dots to connect. 

If you'd like more, let me give you Blog posts around the web worth clicking:
NFP FAQs - Spoken Bride Assoc Editor ~ Christina of The Evangelista
lovely series on Women speak on NFP by Haley
NFP and genetic disorder ~ by Kelly
an all time fave of mine ~ no H8, educate by Carolyn {i do love breastfeeding because it helps my children and it helps delay the return of fertility... there you have it!}

or if you'd rather listen to a podcast~
here ya go!

3.  work stuff ~ back to this typing notes thing instead of dictating -- do wrist pads work? anything you'd recommend, my daily-typer friends? how about a foot rest? I already raise the chair up so I am not reaching up to my desk and keyboard. I am short, short, short.

I put the time making templates and saving my own autophrases.  I hope to be more efficient with my typing.

Any physicians out there who use the dragon software? Should I even try it? Our department is new to this dragon thing. One likes it a lot. One just started and was having issues with it.. because apparently for it to be user-friendly, you'll have to train it. use it. get it to know your voice. add terms in the dictionary.

Training the dragon is not the same as the movie, How to train your dragon.

fascinating tidbit (which is true in my case) ~doctors can dictate 150 words per minute, three times faster than using a keyboard. -source

4. Who's over the Nsale??? haha.. read what Sarah of TuckerUp had to say about it. Yes, it's overkill this year. All the fashion bloggers I follow on insta had daily posts about the sale. I got into the hype and bought a couple things those bloggers suggested ~ went back and returned!

5. My children have less than two weeks before school starts. Some of my patients even start early next week. Have you been back-to-school shopping?

I got the children's uniforms during the BOGO uniform sale on Old Navy. 
My boys definitely need new pairs of socks. I just threw several pairs away because they have holes in them and so much piling. 
Isabel loves to wear dresses -- so that means she will ask to wear her jumpers rather than her shorts. I have to increase her bike shorts stash which she can wear underneath. 

We also thank Auntie Feli for giving the children gift card. We used it very well. Daniel loves his new backpack and new pair of shoes. Isabel received her pink backpack {with Disney princesses names written in cursive all over the exterior} and also pink sneakers!

6. I just love summer. I love that it's long days and I can see the SUN! before work, after work, during days off.  Most of all, I love summer because my family is visiting. I love this week specially.

Finally a photo with Mia! she usually says no to photo ops... child of a photographer.

This bunch! I just love them all! It's like having eight kids and say they are all mine... Well, glad they are not all mine all the time. 8 children under 8!!! I cannot be a mom of 8 children under 8  years old. Bless those moms who can do it!

7. Any plans for the weekend, friends?
It's suppose to be nice here in the midwest. There's lots of things to do inside the house (make another bookshelf, spray paint some chairs, etc). But I'm itching to go to the pool. So you'll probably find us there instead. 

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  1. I don't have kids to do back-to-school shopping with, but I do buy school supplies and donate them to a local school supplies drive. But it's possible I may have bought some I'm-not-going-back-to-school clothes for myself!

    1. That's awesome that you donate school supplies! Lots of kids will benefit :)


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