first day

back to school outfit ~
pique polo shirts, here and here
New kicks, thanks auntie Feli! Daniel's here, Isabel's here
socks, crew cut here

Backpack - exact one here
water bottle - D is asking for an aluminum  water bottle to keep his water cold. Any recommendations?

backpack ~ sold out.
water bottle

My babies are off to first week of school. D is a third grader and I is a Kindergartner.  Drop off today was exciting. They wore their new kicks and carried their new backpacks (thanks to auntie Feli for sending us Amazon gc) No tears today from my Kindergartner.  It is her first day.

Thanks to my FIL for watching the middle two. I was able to stay for morning prayer and then went to school Mass. It was a good way to start *my schoolyear too.

Short and sweet post here ~ I am off to pick up the middle two! Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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