why i love summer

Girls' rompers, exact ones Isabel's sandals, c/o FP Lucy's saltwater sandals, via eBay 1. the sun, long days spent outside I love sunny days! Sunny days lift up my mood.  There's still daylight around 930p in June/July and I love that. 2.  Kids are out of school No rush to get out of the house. No rush to go to bed (hello  sunset at 9:45p). My extended family visits us. 3. the beach
Sun, sand and water. That's my type of vacation!
When I think of summer, I think of the beach. Time to enjoy, relax, head to the lake/gulf/ocean (depending on vacation days we can get).
These boys love to dab. Thanks auntie Feli, for Bastian's flipflops! 4.  shorts and dresses Summer outfits are my faves. I love ripped shorts, chinos, regular denim, bermudas, white (wow Anthropologie!) shorts, linen shorts and more. I love floral dresses, shift dresses, blush dresses, maxis, white dresses and more.

5.   flipflops and sandals
Also my type of footwear. If I am not at work, I pretty much live in these reefs.

6. lots of feastdays and birthdays
Today is St. Clare's feastday, my patron saint! I chose her as my confirmation saint. Isabel's feastday is July 4th.

My birthday is in June. I now have two summer babies (Lucas and Daniel). Hubs' birthday is in the summer too.

7.  reminds me of home
The humid and sunny days remind me of where I grew up. I long for home during the grey, dreary winter days. I may have made Indy as my home because of the six amazing people God gave me... But where I grew up will always be "home."

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