push present -- should I keep this Chanel mini?

 My push present came today!
I have had not-so-good histories with push presents. (not blaming Derrick or anything). I ordered a ring before when I was about to deliver for Sebastian. It was backordered then just cancelled altogether.

I got a  push present when I was in labor with Lucy. That one I kept... but truly, I rarely use it. It's such a pretty wallet for everyday use*.... so yes, you guessed it. I am selling it. It needs a loving home which will use it instead of just sitting on my dresser.

Then this one came but I need your thoughts! Should I keep this Chanel mini?
watch me (as I struggle to) unbox this push present! It's such a pretty pre-loved piece.  IS IT A KEEPER? IS IT FUNCTIONAL?

I wanted to open the package right away but also film. No patience at all, so apologize for the bad lighting.

My chanel mini has a middle divider which I think makes a difference on how much I can put inside. if you watch other youtubers' reviews -- they are able to put more inside their rectangular mini bec there is no middle division on their lambskin or caviar leather minis.

let me know your thoughts. I love that the bag is orange. I don't have an orange bag in my collection but it's not as functional as I have hope :(

***Here's my VLOG sale, if interested with the Chanel bifold wallet. it's still available.

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