polka dot + red {Sunday best}


Polka dot dress, nonmaternity, Old Navy
Chanel mini
Salvatore Ferragamo flats, via RueLala

Bump at 38 weeks + 2 days

The photos on this post are worse than usual. Apologies. (I really want a new cam!)
There's nothing exciting in the L&D* dept. I am typing this and I am 38 weeks + 3 days. Made it longer than Lucy's birthday.
I offered to help out tomorrow at the hospital. Maybe the walking at the hospital will help the baby move along.
More polka dot options


I had a productive Monday.
OB appt - check
USPS package drop off - check

then thanks to hubs -- I was able to squeeze in a pedicure and a salon appointment! :)

of course now, I am tired. I am resting my feet up while blogging.. Then the nesting continues. I want to empty some boxes of clothes! This means I will be posting clothes for sale on my instagram closet. I purged some clothes already and donated lots to Goodwill before we moved. But I am still finding things I can sell and donate.

Have a good week!
Maybe sometime this week, I will be posting a birth announcement.

*L&D = labor and delivery

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