finally feels like spring

Chanel flats
shop the look

Gucci marmont, wallet here
earrings from my mom
necklace, via Axis Mundi
bracelets, Neiman Marcus
Lucy, almost 22 months
Finally feels like spring -- temp-wise
Finally feels like spring -- says my allergies (itchy eyes, itchy throat, ear and palate).

Thanks to hubs for letting me paint one more time with Mer before baby arrives. He served at Vigil Mass while I painted. I went with Isabel (one kid!) this morning. It could have been an A++ experience, but she was whiny because I asked her to stop bumping my belly. I strained my ab muscles from bending and painting (not for fun.. but the house project I will share later). My belly is sore. I asked her to stay on my side instead. She did not like that. She whined and whined.

The Gospel was also the Passion of our Lord... so it was very long for a 5 year old who was already not happy that I asked her to stop loving on her in-utero sib.
click for more or scroll.... see the gray link???
Isabel forgave me. She forgave and forgot.
Some photos are by hubs. Some photos are by her.
like above's underexposed photo. I kept it anyway because she took it.
Here's Lucy who loves photos as much as her sister during this age.


so back to the allergies --
I cannot stand the windows or doors open. I cannot stay outside for a long time. As much as I want to enjoy the warm spring sun, I just cannot do it. I am already taking flonase and patanol eye drops. But the itchy eyes are so annoying and awful. :(
So I have a sore belly.
I have itchy eyes and itchy throat.

Saturday was not as awful as Sunday -- allergy-wise.
For casadisisd updates:
I finished painting the coffee table that I got for $15 (!) high five, y'all!
Hubs was full of compliments. But all I could see is my poor job at priming the table. I used my non-Purdy brush to apply the primer. I did an awful job and you can see the streaks everywhere. sad.  
 I painted the top with two coats of Sherwin Williams Steely Gray.
The legs are Sherwin Williams Villa.
^just the primer

^finished product, showcasing the hyacinths hubs got me.
the container is from michaels.
I will take a better photo showing the metal container next time.


Here's Lucy to end this post. She makes us smile. She is full of love and joy.
She scraped her knee twice today because she does not know how to walk in flipflops.
Yet she fusses when we put her socks on and shoes.
Fine, Lucy, fine. Wear those flipflops.
Happy Sunday, friends!
Have a blessed Holy Week. 

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  1. Love the color of that dress, and those flats are perfect! I think I prefer the way you have the shoulders up, rather than the model's off-the-shoulder look. I bet you could even belt it and nurse in it post-partum because of the elastic neckline!

  2. You are adorable! I might need to start taking photos with a real camera now that I have a regular photographer. I heard once from a legit photographer friend that the best way to take good photos is to take a lot of them, but camera phone selfies are never very good no matter how many you take. :/


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