35 weeks + updates on the other babies and house

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I am 35 weeks today. I can see a total turn around on my energy level. I am slower. I get tired easily. I need LOTS of breaks. I slept for 2.5 hours yesterday. All I did was go to my OB for a prenatal checkup and take the girls out for brunch.

The girls are easier compared to the boy-toddler and baby girl combo. Isabel, my 5 year old, is a good helper. she is also potty trained which is a tremendous plus!

The preschool/toddler age is hard. who agrees?
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more bucket bags

Few updates on my other babies -- let's not forget them.
Lil D - started baseball practice. He loves minecraft and watching YouTube videos of people playing games (roll eyes  here). He is still my sweetest one. He gives me hugs. he prays that I will feel better... because my allergies are acting up. He is getting ready for First Communion.
Princess Isabel - she loves school. Mornings are still hard. She can have tantrums. But once she is in school, all is A-OK.  She is very maternal and bossy. She's a good helper too. She is my new photographer.
She loves asking questions like: "are you guys married?"
How big is the baby now?
what fruit, mommy?
Sebastian - the struggle is REAL. he is not potty trained. but we made some progress during our spring break trip. He wanted to sit on the potty and pee a little bit. Stooling is still an issue. He hides... He loves once a week preschool.
He is like his brother. He is into video games and youTube videos.
Miss Lucy - her vocab has exploded. She has over 10 words now. She is trying to speak in phrases. There is still lots of babbling and made up words but she is trying. She loves to hang out with me and hubs while we are doing our furniture projects. I do not like that. The workshop needs to be free of kids! for safety... But our workshop right now is inside the house. 
^photobombed by Lucy!

as for house projects
-custom closet is not yet finished, I messed up the 2 x 4 baseboards... I will have to predrill holes again. I cannot do this on my own. Somebody has to stabilize the long end.
- we started our bookshelves in the library.
-I hope to paint the coffee table and side table for the living room this weekend.

I am neglecting this blog.. I hope to blog more but right now, I am nesting like crazy. I only have 3-5 weeks to go before Baby D5 decides to make his/her entrance....

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  1. I totally feel you on the blog and toddler front- one is getting neglected, the other is a daily struggle. :P
    I'm in awe of your house projects and jealous of the library!


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