37 weeks and emotional {my Sunday best}


MissGuided dress, runs large, mine just sold out
here are other white dress options
shift dress, I have this one

Chanel shoulder bag, ghw
Christian Louboutin d'Orsay heels



I definitely had a hormonal moment before church. I knew I wanted to wear this white dress. (White and Red for Divine Mercy Sunday)**. Temps were in the 50s. Sun was out. I wanted to wear "thinner" leggings but they are still hanging to dry ~still wet. The other tights I have left are fleece-lined.  So I went with the thinner tights. The white dress, though thicker material, is still white and somewhat see through. I freaked out.... I needed my slip! and I could not find it. Opened my drawers (some still half empty) because most (as in 90%) of my clothes still in boxes. I searched in the extra large box of socks/undies/pjs and I could not find that white slip! aaaaaahhhh!

I was so stressed bec we have to leave for church and I haven't even combed my wet hair. 
ok, friends, TMI now... skip if not interested. 

When I get stressed, I get a tummy ache and I have to go to the bathroom. That's when I know anxiety has kicked in. 

Luckily, I came up with the plan to wear my grey shorts instead to hide the undie lines. I took off the white cami I used as underlayer because it was accentuating the abrupt cut of the cami and lack of slip. 

It looked ok to me. I just hope people who looked at my dress thought it was ok too. 



We live much closer to church now and yet we end up using two separate cars. Hubs served as an usher so I did not want him waiting for my stress-induced potty break and outfit-freak out moment. 

I got the two sleeping girls.

So now, what to do.... I only have a single stroller. that meant I have to place one in the stroller and carry one. 

 Lucy woke up as soon as  I unbuckled her. Isabel was whining that I woke her up. I let Isabel in the stroller and carried the 22 month old. The school lot to the church was not that far. But with my 37 week belly, 22 month old on my hip while pushing the 5 yo inside the stroller ~ I was tachycardic and sweating and hot. (Good idea not to wear tights! I would have passed out).

 Got lots of compliments (and some snickers from a couple of older ladies) that I can still wear heels. If they only knew I was in pjs all day and doing laundry. I just wanted something pretty to match the white dress and its flutter sleeves that are my favorite.  

A sweet man gave me his well wishes since I am due soon. The Lord really knows when we need pick-me-ups...  My crew was rambunctious and kept leaving the pew to follow their dad. ugh. I cannot handle them! (hence the snickering ladies a couple of pews behind us). At that point, I just did not care. I was hot, tachycardic, huge and cannot bend or chase a 3 yo following his daddy.

The rest of the evening was uneventful... Praise the Lord. He was watching us as we stopped by the shoe store and got the children their new kicks.

We stopped by for dress shoes and got 4 more shoes.
I love their choices: TMNT, DocMcstuffins light up shoes, Skechers super pink light up shoes, and a big kid Nike pair. 

funny convo with hubs:
Me: Just letting you know that when I wear my Louboutins, I do my penance. 
hubs: not really the type of penance you should do {shrugs his shoulders}

These red soles are cute but I can only wear them for a few hours not a full day. They are not even the highest of the highest Louboutins (mine are mere 2.25 I think). Ugh. I cannot imagine wearing those 4.8 inch heels.  

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  1. I love that dress. Super cute!

  2. You look so lovely - I never would have guessed there were any wardrobe challenges 😊 Can't believe it's almost time for baby to be here!!

  3. You look wonderful and that dress is perfect! I totally get you...these days I've been feeling all the emotions and aches/pains. Baby will be here soon- hang in there! :)


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