night at the symphony

Disis is not all about football and fashion... we do want a little bit of culture in our lives. For sure, we love date nights. We celebrated our anniversary 3 weeks late. we went to a brazilian steakhouse (per hubs' request) and then the Cincinnati Symphony (per my request).

1. Andre Watts played MacDowell. I wish he played more than one concerto! But coming out of retirement to teach and then play here and there, I guess it's too much to ask from this amazing pianist. I wish I could play half as good as him.

2. The ticket prices are higher in Cincy compared to the Indianapolis Symphony orchestra. Initially we wanted to sit up at the balcony. When I found out the price for a balcony seat and the box seats -- i figured, what's $15 more per ticket if I was already shelling out a lot of moola anyway?

3. The box seats on the south side were all full. So I picked box 4 seat 1&2 on the north side. Then it became pretty clear why the north side box seats were not filled. We were not able to see Andre Watts' hands! he was facing us. Derrick said I would not have had a good view of his hands anyway if we were at the south side.... So all in all, seeing his expression while playing -- priceless!

Truly, I could watch him play all day...

4. Here's a younger Watts playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 2nd movement. Skip to 2:18 -- it's my favorite part.

5. This black asymmetrical dress was a purchase from Saks during my board review in Chicago. There was this HUGE sale. I got three LBD for $100! what a deal.  I wore the peplum dress for Hsquared's wedding. I still have another lacy dress which I might wear for the holidays. A lady can never have too many black dresses.

6. The clutch is a new addition to my purse collection. Thanks hubs for my anniversary present. He never goes wrong if he buys me purses or jewelry. It is my first Tory Burch purse. I like that it is a clutch but also has the straps for crossbody.

7. This is my ultimate wish for a clutch. At this moment in my life, I cannot justify owning a $5500 purse that i will only use every 3rd month for date night (if I am lucky). I would also always freak out  that the children will scratch the precious leather.

Would this be enough for 7quick takes?
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