booties for work and play {wiws}

Let's start with the negatives this weekend:
  • I spilled coffee on myself two days in a row! I was being a good co-worker and brought coffee to my resident Saturday morning. I forgot the green prevent-spill cover. I got out of my car and juggled 2 coffee cups, work bag and morning treats -- and coffee spilled inside my right arm sleeve! good thing, the coffee was not burning hot anymore.
  • I spilled coffee on my white coat while rinsing my coffee mug. White coats are  not just for covering against vomit and other germs.... apparently for water faucet explosions too. 
  • This was my black weekend.... I was on-call both Sat and Sun.
  • Because of DST, I had an extra hour of call coverage.
  • And I work at a hospital -- there are a lot of sick kids (no surprise there).
  • Sebastian had a diaper explosion and I missed Communion. 

now to showcase my fave fall staple:

Mass and work outfit: Kohl's cardi (similar) // Anthro skirt (thrifted) // booties // Tights

And brown booties

jcrew factory scarf (on clearance!) // F21 top // old bubble Kohl's skirt // Simply Vera tights
// mia booties

the reason for missing communion^

I love outtakes^

And we will end with the positives!
  • I still got out of the hospital around noon both days! yippee!
  • I was not first-call so i got some sleep! The pager did not go off from 10p-7a both nights. (high five!)
  • I did not have to sleep at the hospital.
  • I asked for a treat both days -- qdoba for Sat lunch and sushi for Sun lunch. My wish was granted by hubs. 
  • I went to Mass with my family.
  • And at 5p -- I am not on call anymore.
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Happy Sunday, All.

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  1. Love the brown mia booties!
    And diaper explosions. I feel like I've lost years of my life to them, either due to the shock or the time required to clean everyone off.


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