how i tackled the boards

I am one lucky duck. During my week long prep before the boards, I was fortunate to take off from work and also go to daily Mass.

It was a good way to start my day. I know this is just a season.. season of changing diapers and feeding babies instead of going to daily Mass.... so I was so so thankful that I got to start my day in prayer and receive Communion. 

I still got up early, dropped off Daniel, and stopped by the church before hitting the coffee shop. I used the same strategy I used in high school, college, medical school, residency. If it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

-flashcards are my friends -question bank... By doing mock exams, I found out my weak topics. I read up on those. 
-re-read the thick binder from the review course. Again, I spent more time on topics that I don't have a good handle... and I quickly went over the other sections. 
-different colored sharpies (I graduated from my washable markers and went to sharpies!)
-productive breaks (I spent time with Daniel, played the piano, went to the ice cream place, emptied the dishwasher)
-positive vibes and Scripture. (These are my faves to memorize and keep in my heart and mind....)

My best times to study are mornings and evenings. I realized quickly that my mind wandered a lot after lunch. Next thing I know, it's 3pm and it was time to pick up my kindergartner! Forget 4p-6p. I was busy cooking dinner, grocery shopping, doing household chores, etc. I am still a mommy.... though a mommy who had to pass boards. 

So after dinner, I thank my wonderful husband for this: I went to the sunroom and studied there for another couple of hours.

Told you.. I am one lucky duck.

Now let's just wait for another 12 weeks till I get the letter from ABPN. 
And I sure pray I get a "P".

// tissue cardi ~ j.crew outlet // sleeveless top ~ Loft // polka-dot skinnies ~ old navy // wedges ~ bellini, via zulily //

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  1. I love your pants! I am a huge fan of polka dots! These look great on you!

  2. Such cute pants! Good luck on your boards!


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