husband's wise words

regarding Isabel's new Frozen item
Me: how much is this?         (similar, but with the bracelet)
D: only $5.
Me: what??! I could have made that for $1!
D: I paid $4 for the Frozen brand.

discussing Daniel's tardiness
Reason does not matter to the school/principal. whether younger sibs threw a fit that stopped us from getting out of the house at a timely manner versus slow-poke children prolonging brushing teeth and putting sneakers on.

Me: I have never been to the principal's office. I don't want to be called in for being tardy. This is it! no more tardies.
Derrick: I have been called to the principal's office... but not for bad things.
Me: rolling my eyes when i say going to the principal's office, I mean for something bad! Of course, I have been to the principal's office!

I had to finish one more prolonged brain wave recording....
D: (looking over my shoulder) so that's what you're reading at work. (Not so impressed voice)

An hr later:
D: is that for practice?
Me: (surprised) what? This is a real patient. I haven't been looking at brain waves for fun for an hour!

while watching football
Me: who made that play?
D: Gore
Me: is that Frank Gore or Al Gore? (serious face)
D: yeah, Al Gore plays football. (now, he's the one rolling his eyes)
You should put that comment in your blog!

he speaks a different language
Me: please take my photo. I have followers.
D: (confused look)
Me: is it hard to believe that I have followers?
D: yeah, because you're like a preacher. you know... one with followers.
Me: That's not what followers mean in the blog world.

He hates these posts, by the way... Because whenever he says something funny, I say "can I put that in the blog?"

And because I am predictable.... here's my outfit deets:

Top ~ French Connection, thrifted
Jeans ~ A&F old
Necklace ~ from my BFF, Ros

Photography ~ as usual, by Dsquared.

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