anniversary + traveling + peplum dress {7 quick takes}

1. Derrick, Sebastian and I are recuperating from our trip to H-town this weekend.
Brace yourself for a photo diary post coming soon! If you follow me on Ig, you can trace our steps all over the west side of H-town.

2. 8 years.
Hubs and I are getting older! We celebrated our 8 years wedding anniv. No candlelight dinner.... Just a "quiet" dinner at home with the kiddos (who I MISSED so much!) and then we shared cupcakes from our dear friends from Houston.

3. preview from Day 1 traveling with a baby

Key to success: walk around the airport terminal.

and watch planes arrive, taxi and then leave.

4. Another sneak Peak
I love this peplum dress from Saks! Fitting and flattering for mommy bodies.(similar here by Kensie)

peplum dress
corso como heels

5. Gone Girl
My fave thriller is now showing in the theaters! Who has seen it??? Did you like it? It was definitely creepy....

6.  May I repeat myself and say how much I missed my older children? Sebastian got so bored of his parents. Whenever he saw other children, his face just lit up. He was ready to play with them. Derrick and I also looked at each other and said: life is boring without the other two.

7.Video I am sharing

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  1. Anonymous10/11/2014

    Happy belated anniversary! Beautiful pics.


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