media: stop using my name + other takes {7qt}

1. what's in a name?
I value my name. It's my name given to me by my parents. They thought long and hard to name their firstborn. When I first heard about my name being used by media in the name of terrorism, it felt "weird". now it's just ANNOYING! When I introduce myself, I actually stop for a sec to see if I should stop at isis or continue with my last name.

I was named after this all supreme Goddess, Isis. And it's unfair that I have been using this name for >30 years and in just a matter of months, because of media coverage, the beautiful name is trashed.

so media, please stop using my name. Mr. Barack Obama uses Isil on his speech... so please, please media. STOP USING my name in the name of terrorism.

please sign this petition started by a fellowlady also named Isis.... Let's start using a different name just like the president.

2. people ask why i chose child neurology.
"how can you see sick babies every single day?"

it's hard... Specially when I am lacking sleep, not feeling well and I have a headache... Distancing myself and staying objective can be hard.

It's also one of the reasons I put more effort into what I wear at work. I call it diverting attention to something I can handle... I cannot imagine wearing all black everyday, without color, without bling and having to deal with grim, sad prognosis and diseases I can only treat via supportive care.

So you might roll your eyes with my OOTD posts... But I call it my coping mechanism.

3. I am so behind on these things.  I finally met Jack Bauer
Back in 2001, I was this nerd who was into organic chem and biology. I had no time for TV. A decade later, I checked out the first season of 24 from the library..... I am liking it.

4. Frank Deford's sweetness and light segment is entertaining and informative....
Listen or read this story about the NFL seeking superbowl volunteers.First, I do not have anything against the NFL. in fact, you'll find here on the blog that I am a Colts Fan. however, just like a lot of other businesses, some things are NOT fair. I have always been baffled about the amount of money spent on sports and entertainment here in the US... and then nada for our children's education.

Here's my favorite line: Of all the great, needy charities in the world, desperate for volunteers, who, in their right mind, would pick the Super Bowl?


Btw, the pict of the guy on NPR's website is taken at the XLV Superbowl here in Indianapolis. You can see the monument circle and big sign at the background.

5. This is not Mickey Mouse.

my quickest take ever.
just the pict above.

6. high-tech reproductive health
Just because it can be done, does not mean we have to do it. Agree? (and it's ok if you disagree). instead of freezing your eggs, doing IVF etc,why not consider adoption?

7.cuddling with my youngest

enough controversies and headaches.
I am leaving you with my littlest. Praise God for health and love.

Ric Rac top, thrifted
Banana republic skirt, thrifted
Mia Booties

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  1. The pictures are adorable. And I sympathize with the name. I find the naming very confusing. Can't imagine it being my name being splashed across the headlines.


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