mini vacation + nerd alert {7qt}

1. going to conference without the children though it might be because of work feels like a vacation.

last pict I took of Bastian. He was looking at me, wondering why mommy is sitting at the middle row with him and Isabel. He totally knew his night and next few nights will be different!

2. nerdy conference

what a wide range of child neuro doctors here at the conference (the diversity and cultures of course, but also the way we dress, interact *awkwardly) one thing we all have in common: we love child neurology.

at the exhibit: I found the medikidz - superheroes who explain different childhood disorders such as epilepsy. I received a free sample from the mail. Daniel LOVES the comic book! wait till he sees this photo of his nerdy mom posing with the medikidz... i did this for him. embarrassing enough.

3. brain Bus

the airport/hotel shuttle is aptly named the brain Bus!
nerd alert again...
i actually think it's funny.

4. things haven't changed

there is something about free stuff. it did not matter that i was a college student vs a doctor. Free stuff are always fun.

i found these cute stress animals. They are made with similar components like stress balls and they feel like stress balls... since they are not balls, are they stress animals, then? I got one for each child... and for Derrick if he wants one.

i miss my 4 buddies:
left to right
daniel -- isabel -- sebastian -- derrick

5. mommy guilt

working moms who travel have this mommy guilt of leaving little chicks home.

One of my colleague stated this (i paraphrased it): by going to stuff like this (ie conferences), we show our children that mommies' jobs are important jobs too, just like daddies'.

I never thought about it that way.

it was certainly interesting explaining it to my kindegartner why I'd be gone for 4 sleeps 3 hours away for mummy's work.

6. my photographer is a state away. so i resorted to a selfie and took a photo of my opening reception dress.

dress - old from banana republic. it's a sheath dress so it's forgiving
my new Tory Burch britten clutch - anniversary present
fun fact - both heels and shawl were bought/worn for my wedding rehearsal.
heels from Nine West, similar
shawl (similar) from a dept store (macy's, kohl's??) i don't remember

i wish i could take a nice photo of what I am wearing today. it's this flowy, kimono dress from peach love California via nordstrom rack (similar ) This one is black with cut-outs on the shoulder, flowy bell shaped sleeves with crochet trims. Very feminine but not over the top. It's black so it does not blind other child neurologists.

next time.

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