yellow + Kate's nude pumps {wiws}

"I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing
compared with the glory to be revealed for us. "
~Today's readings

I need this Scripture today and this coming week.

I also need the grace of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus to get me through.

Dress ~ VS Moda International, thrifted // necklace ~ esty shop //earrings ~ zulily // bracelets ~ Michael's // Kate Middleton's nude pumps ~ naturalizer

1. How did you get your name?My mom watched this show in the 70s. She liked this goddess a lot that she promised to name her first girl after Isis.

Sarah means Princess. She put Sarah and Isis together and named me: Princess Isis... I mean Princess Supreme Goddess... no, I meant: Sarah Isis.

My middle name is my maiden name.

2. Do you have a set time for prayer in your day?
Mornings are the best time for me for prayer. As soon as I wake up, before I even get out of bed.
Sometimes, I listen to Today's readings while fixing my hair or putting powder on my face.
Otherwise, I say quick prayers throughout the day.
I also pray in the car with my children when I drop them off to school or when running errands.

3. Did your mom work or stay home (or both)?
My mom worked (and still works) outside of home. I am fortunate though that she now takes a weekday to watch my children while I work outside of home.

4. Do you vote?

5. What's your favorite drink?
Besides water ~
coffee - white chocolate mocha or salted caramel mocha. new fave (thanks to my Sis-in-law) is mix any keurig regular coffee and add swiss miss dark cocoa sensation (this one is for you, Grace!)
non-alcoholic drink - lemonade
alcoholic drink - moscato, riesling, sangria

6. How are your photography skills?
basic photography 101
and that includes crash course from my sister

zulily for Bastian, zulily and the Gap for Daniel
Isabel ~ ig shop, pillowcase dress; sandals via eBay

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  1. That yellow is beautiful on you! And moscato is my favorite. Maybe one day we will have a chance to meet up and have a glass together :)

  2. Anonymous7/13/2014

    That dress is so pretty!

  3. Cute outfit! I love the dress, color is so fun and fresh :)

    Visiting from the linkup. I’d love it if you can visit my blog, too. Looking forward to seeing you there: http://www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

  4. You look great in that yellow, and I love the Kate shoes. :)

  5. Nice outfit!
    Those shoes are gorgeous!


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