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Linking up with heather on this fine eve of July 4th!


wine and canvas is so addicting. I am not an artsy person at all. Producing such work makes me so proud of myself. I felt intimidated at first but the artist gives such step by step instructions that even I, not an artsy person, can follow along.

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C
Halfway point~

Painted all 3 in a month.

2. madewell shorts
Another find from my Instagram shopping addiction.

Top ~ express // cutoffs ~ madewell // wedges ~CK via nordstrom rack // clutch ~ thrifted

3. it was a fun sisterDate.
I went with my sis for exhibit B's art class.
She's a fave of mine... She deserves to be here.

4. Veggie straws.
Have you had these?

5. Old friends
A little preview of my fun day with old friends. Can't believe it's been 10 years since I met these amazing women. Pediatric emergency doctor, general surgeon and a neurologist. And our ring pops.

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