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Can't help but start on a controversial note. In our church bulletin, we received the statement of the Indiana Catholic Bishops regarding same sex marriage. Click here. I agree... And I like this sentence: The Church upholds the dignity of every human person, including persons with same-sex attraction, whom we accept and love as our brothers and sisters. That's for those who think that because I am Catholic, I think all LGBTs go to hell. hello brother or sister, I am not the judge. Not even the Church. There is one lawgiver and judge...

now that I have given you something to chew on or spit or whatever, I am moving on to less controversial things:
what I wore Sunday.

Dress ~ old, The Limited. It's actually my med school graduation dress. (insert shock face emoji)
Necklace and bracelet ~ from a boutique in French Lick
Snakeskin flats ~ zulily

I am also joining Kendra this week. How about you?
1. Have you ever walked out of a movie?
Nope... But I would have left when watching The Ring. except my date would not want to leave so I was stuck there. Afraid to leave in the dark.

2. Do you abstain from meat on Fridays?
During Lent, yes. Otherwise I cook whatever on Fridays. Usually we eat fish or shrimp anyway.

3. What do you most often use for blogs and blogging: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone?
A mix of laptop, ipad and iphone.

4. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?
My PDA. It was my last day as an intern. I left my PDA (stupid me) in my work bag in the resident lounge. It was gone... and some cash. maybe $50 or so. The only time I carried cash with me. That day, I had to report all my credit cards stolen and change numbers.

5. Do you identify as a member of a particular ethnic group?
well... I am Asian... And Filipino. I get asked about my nationality often enough.
Sometimes they think I am Korean... or Mexican...
Thai or Malaysian maybe.

6. Seen anything weird lately?
I am sure. I just cannot think of something smart to write here.

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  1. It's great to hear the Bishops speaking out- so many people assume the Church is out to hate and condemn just because it doesn't condone certain lifestyles, and that is not true!
    Love the color of your dress and such cute shoes!

  2. That jewelry is so fun!

    And I always think people's confusion about Filipinos is really funny... I was friends with lots of Asians in high school and college, so I got to see lots of confused reactions to the fact that the Filipino kids weren't "mixed" or latino or something... So weird!


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