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There's a reason for blog-silence this week. I have been busy preparing for this big 5th birthday party for my firstborn. I cannot believe Daniel is FIVE years old.

1. Call us crazy. we color-coordinated our outfits. All five Samurai Power Rangers made it to the party. {We missed Nathaniel, who is the gold ranger}

2. Thank you, dear husband, for helping me finish the cake pops. I made enough for the children and adults which meant rolling cake pops and dipping them late Friday night and early Saturday morning. I could not have finished them without Derrick's help.

I should have just made cupcakes, he said.
(well, I made those too, besides the cake pops)

3. Isn't my mom just the best? I delegated the balloons. I found this idea on pinterest ~~ samurai symbols on the balloons.

4. But she did not stop there. She also made this pinata. It was a "hit" for the children -- surprise, surprise. It was very durable that one of the dads had to whack it hard. It did not break. The tie broke off and the pinata fell to the ground -- then mauled by 5 year old boys.... and girls.

5. We have to serve fruit because samurais eat a well-balanced diet, not just pops. I asked for chopped fruit (got it, chopped??? samurai?) never mind!
And this is what I get!

6. The party favors were not samurai themed. I was not going to hand out give-aways because my mom already had the pinata. But when I was at Michael's, I saw these sidewalk chalks and I could not resist! I found stickers and shared those too.

7. And this is the birthday boy!
Happy fifth birthday to my creative, resourceful, inquisitive, fun-loving boy.

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  1. Happy 5th birthday, Daniel!! What a fun party :)


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